1. Couple of sketchbook pages.. You guessed it from the archive!! .. Illustrated by Michael Nyarko © Copyright 2013

  2. Michael Nyarko © Copyright 2013 Photography at Grant Museum of Zoology, found in the archive.

  4. and more archive

  5. …more from the archive

  6. Working back through an archive of work.. I didn’t realise I had work that wasn’t published!

  8. Hey guys!!!! I have been on a long Journey this year and slowly been tying to find myself again… A good friend of mine John Trouble is a very talented Singer/Songwriter/Musician and as part of collaboration I have produced a illustration to be published in his fanzine this month… It has been a while since I produced new material but I am using this inspiration as a starting point on the road back to recovery.  

  9. Another trial of concept art for falling, ideas are just being thrown out there at this stage and once again more to follow in the future. 

  10. Continued…more detail on the lips and jawline… nearly there.

  11. Long overdue, this is a piece inspired by Bristol Balloon Fiesta, way back in august this year. working into the early hours of this morning to finish it, I really enjoyed working with different blending techniques, again using Photoshop and Illustrator.

  12. This is an Ocean dreamscape from a restless night’s sleep that I had.. it’s ironic really that I dream about water when it’s my biggest phobia! anyway the emphasis is on the whale tale. I have used Photoshop and Illustrator for this piece and My inspiration was irrational fears.

  13. Illustrated by Michael Nyarko © Copyright 2011

    Work in process…. I wanted to create an environment (in this case a swamp) that was mysterious and unsettling so I am currently working through different methods to portray this. The influence here is dark fairytales… so my process is a journey to see where my imagination takes me next. (This piece is currently unfinished) 

  14. Illustrated by Michael Nyarko © Copyright 2013

    A while back I began producing illustrations of caricature people (Head and shoulder shots) which you can find on my website… the idea behind them was to produce a series of dating cards for a lonely hearts company (real ads, fictional characters) and here is the starting point… more to follow. :)

  15. Short experimental banner ad… this was inspired by a cartoon run cycle I found on the web that I redrew and turned into an animation.